Save Plastic Coffee Bottles for Plant Propagation - by Chapter Coffee Roastery and Cafe

We are grateful to all your positive feedback on our newly introduced bottled coffee and non-coffee beverages here at the shop!  And while we wait for technology to catch up and come up with a better alternative for drink containers, unfortunately, we are stuck with plastic for now.

But hey, this does not mean we don't care and we can't do anything about it.

If you love coffee (and we're assuming you do, that's why you found this blog) and also happen to love or at least appreciate plants,  then we believe we found a way to make a little difference and help alleviate our trash contribution in the landfills.

Why don't you try

Plant Cutting Water Propagation!

If you have some plants in the garden and want to bring them inside to make indoor house plants, you don't need to repot and bring the whole plant inside, you can simply propagate them!  If you don't know how to propagate plants yet, here's a nice video we found on youtube to help you get started!


Our Chapter bottles are perfect for small-batch water propagation.  They are clear and transparent which makes it easy for you to check how well your plants are rooting and if it's time to change or add some water.  

plant water propagation in Chapter plastic bottles

plant water propagation using Chapter Coffee bottles

The time will come when your baby plants are well-rooted enough.  And from there, you can choose to simply re-pot your rooted plants into a proper soil planter, or here's a great idea, GIFT them to a loved one!  Either way, everybody wins!

So, while we know plastic is still here to stay for quite a while,  there are always ways to work around this dilemma and do our own little steps on helping out.

We hope this article gave you some idea on how to deal with plastic bottles at home and we thank you all for your continued support!  We'd love to see your own plant propagation projects!  Post some on IG and tag us or use the hashtag #chapterbottleplants in your caption so we can find them!  Coffee cheers, folks!

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